Forest Resources Council requests public comment on Regional Forest Plan

The Minnesota Forest Resources Council (MFRC) is requesting citizen review and comment on the draft Sustainable Forest Resources Act . The plan provides cross-ownership recommendations for long-term forest sustainability in the Northeast Landscape which covers Carlton, Cook, Lake, and St. Louis Counties. Comments are due on Monday August 11, 2014.The plan was developed by a 32-member Planning Committee that was comprised of private landowners; state, federal, tribal, and county resource agency staff; forest products industry, conservation, and environmental organization representatives; educators; researchers; and other interested people.Creation of this plan was coordinated by the MFRC Landscape Program which was established to support a broad perspective and a collaborative approach to sustainable forest management across the six large forested regions of the state. The Sustainable Forest Resources Act set up regional landscape committees to involve a variety of interests in recommending goals and strategies to promote forest sustainability in specific regions, stated Dave Zumeta, Executive Director of the MFRC. Unlike many planning efforts that focus on a single land ownership (e.g., state, federal, county, or private), landscape plans cover all ownerships and provide an opportunity for a wide variety of people interested in sustainable forestry to participate in the decision-making process.After receiving public comments, the Northeast Landscape Planning Committee will address the comments and recommend approval of the plan to the MFRC. After the plan is approved by the MFRC, the Northeast Landscape Coordination Committee will reconvene and coordinate the voluntary implementation of the Plan. To obtain a copy of the draft Northeast Landscape Forest Resources Plan, visit the Minnesota Forest Resources Council website ( Hardcopies are available by contacting Michael Lynch at (651)259-5290 or

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