Local Energy Project collecting firewood and wood pellet information

Cook County Local Energy Project (CCLEP) is compiling information that will be of value to those burning wood or wood pellets for heat. It will be uploaded to the CCLEP website and contain resources for locally-available firewood and wood pellet fuel, as well as suppliers of pellet and wood-burning appliances and related services (appliance installation, chimney cleaning and repair).

If youre offering firewood for sale and would like to be included in the information we make available, email the following:
Wood species offered
Description (seasoned or kiln-dried? split? deliverrd? quantities as sold?)
Price range (we realize this will vary throughout the season with
availability and other factors, but some idea of the cost a buyer can expect)
If youre someone offering related services, please let us know as well. We will identify those we can through word-of-mouth or by their advertising, but will no doubt unintentionally leave some out.

We hope to update the information on a fairly regular basis throughout the heating season. Note that this effort will only be serving as a resource for information, not offering recommendations. Buyers will have to determine for themselves if the actual product/service offered is as described.

Please contact Gary Atwood, CCLEP Biomass Coordinator, at biomass@boreal.org.

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