Still time to apply to serve on DNR deer goal setting teams

Once selected, each team will review biological and social data as well as public input collected at meetings and through online and written questionnaires. After considering and discussing this information, each team will recommend a deer population goal for each of the permit areas within its goal-setting block.

DNR staff will review the data for each goal block as well as advisory team goal recommendations and final public comments on team recommendations before making final goal decisions.

This is the third year the DNR has worked with citizens to reassess and revise deer population goals in Minnesota. Goals for southwestern and a portion of northern Minnesota were set in 2012. Goals for southeastern Minnesota were set last year. Goals for the deer permit areas not part of the 2015 process will be set in 2016.

Individuals can serve on one team. They nominate themselves by completing an online application. For the application, descriptions of the goal setting blocks and information on the selection process, go to

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