All hands on deck! Come help clear the South Fowl trail

If people want to use the South Fowl Snowmobile Trail this winter, HELP is needed!

The US Forest Service has been great to work with on the long-awaited South Fowl Snowmobile Trail which will provide winter access from McFarland Lake to South Fowl Lake.

US Forest Service crews, with help from the Minnesota Conservation Corps, have spent hundreds of hours on the trail. There were some steep and narrow areas that ACMU expressed concern about and the Forest Service modified the route in those areas, which is good, but that slowed things down.

However, the trail is now rough cut all the way from the Arrowhead to South Fowl Lake.

You can walk the whole way, but there is a lot more to be done. There are a lot of stumps and big logs and brush to be moved out of the way. The trail is not rideable yet and the Forest Service has other projects they need to work on, i.e., closing campgrounds, etc.

PLEASE join us to get the trail finished before snow falls!

Work Day: Saturday, October 17 – Meet at trail head at 10 a.m.


Niine-year-old Genevieve helping remove a stump on the South Fowl Snowmobile Trail.

Nine-year-old Genevieve helping remove a stump on the South Fowl Snowmobile Trail.

THANK YOU to ACMU members & friends who have worked on the trail – Gary Trovall, Eric Nelms, Richard Bockovich, Gideon Silence, Chuck& Marcy Bolinger, Rhonda & Chuck Silence, and Diane Greeley – and 9-year-old Genevieve!




Also, a chainsaw belonging to the Forest Service was stored on the trail under a brown tarp. The tarp and the chainsaw are missing. If you walk the trail, keep an eye out for it, perhaps it was just misplaced. Or if you have any idea where it might have gone, please contact us!

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