Chainsaw safety offered for ACMU volunteers

Anyone who wants to be able to clear trails (like the South Fowl/Tilbury Trail) or ATV or snowmobile trails, must have U.S. Forest Service chainsaw safety training. The Forest Service will be holding two training sessions this summer. Please consider signing up for one of these training sessions!

Anyone who uses a chainsaw on federal land/trails must also have CPR and First Aid Training. If you have this training, you should bring your certificate to the training.

If you want to attend a CPR/First Aid course to get the certification, let us know. We will try to arrange a class. There is no charge for the Forest Service chainsaw safety training, however there is a charge for CPR/First Aid Training as it conducted through an American Heart Association certified instructor. But it’s not a bad idea for everyone to have that training.

Space is limited for these courses and we want to get everyone who is interested enrolled, so get back to us asap! Contact Chuck Silence at (218) 370-0377 or Diane Greeley at (218) 370-0304.


The dates are:

June 12th

9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Lutsen Town Hall- 116 Caribou Trail, Lutsen, MN

Cutting Location- Near the Lutsen Trail Breaker Groomer Building- 466 Caribou Trail, Lutsen, MN

The Lutsen Trail Breakers have agreed to pay for the building rental.  Donations to their club will be accepted but are not required for participation.  Thanks Lutsen Trail Breakers!!!


June 26th


9:00 a.m. –  4:30 p.m.

Gunflint Ranger District Office Conference Room

Cutting location: To be Determined.


Jon Benson of the Forest Service said participants should plan on bringing their own lunch.  Sawyers should bring the saw that they normally use to cut with, appropriate personal protective equipment consisting of hard hats, chaps, gloves, long pants, boots, long sleeved shirt, and ear and eye protection.  The Forest Service will have limited extras on hand for those who forget.



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