Fishing license purchase now requires acknowledgement of aquatic invasive species

Minnesota boaters and nonresident anglers renewing their licenses will now need to sign a card affirming they know the state’s aquatic invasive species laws.

Watercraft owners and nonresident anglers must read and sign the affirmation during their regular license renewal, then keep it with them, along with their license. The affirmation demonstrates understanding that Minnesota law requires license holders to:

  • Clean aquatic plants and prohibited invasive species from watercraft.
  • Drain lake or river water from all equipment and keep drain plugs out during transport.
  • Dispose of unwanted bait in the trash, not in the water.

“No one needs to renew their license earlier than usual, and there is no additional cost or training involved,” said April Rust, DNR invasive species training coordinator. “This is a simple way of making sure more people using our lakes and rivers know how to follow the laws designed to protect them.”

“The affirmation is another positive step in the state’s proactive efforts to keep 95 percent of Minnesota lakes off the infested waters list,” said Heidi Wolf, DNR invasive species unit supervisor. “This season, the state also implemented mandatory training for anyone convicted of violating invasive species laws. Minnesotans are serious about preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species and the recreational, environmental and economic harm they cause.”

Details about the affirmation and other measures that support Minnesota’s aquatic invasive species laws are at

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