North Shore Trout Stream Refuge Project is seeking volunteers

Cold groundwater is essential for North Shore trout streams, keeping stream temperatures below the thermal limit for trout and steelhead survival and providing base flow during summer. Yet groundwater is not abundant in this region and is particularly important for sustaining these prized coldwater fisheries.

The DNR and organizations such as Minnesota Trout Unlimited are focusing habitat restoration and protection efforts on a subset of North Shore watersheds most likely to sustain coldwater fisheries and quality angling into the next century. They need detailed information on the locations of groundwater discharge areas in priority watersheds to most effectively target habitat restoration and watershed protection efforts.

Volunteers are now needed to assist with collecting temperature data and mapping information for the North Shore Trout Stream Refuge Project. Volunteers will be in the stream with quick-reacting thermometers (thermocouples) to find and GPS areas of cool water that could serve as thermal refuges for cool water fish. Volunteer efforts will be coordinated by Trout Unlimited, with training and equipment provided. Volunteers are needed during July, August, and early September 2016.

Stream walking will only be effective when average stream temperatures are warmer than potential groundwater inputs and under summer low flow conditions (thus, large rainstorms will delay or shift volunteer efforts).

Examples of locations include Elbow Creek, Cascade River, E. Colvill Creek, Devil Track River, Little Devil Track River and Junco Creek.


If interested in this opportunity or for more information contact You may also call 612-670-1629 for more information.

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