Work continues on South Fowl Snowmobile Trail

Great news, progress is being made on the South Fowl Snowmobile Trail — the “new” Tilbury Trail between McFarland and South Fowl Lakes in Hovland.
The trail has been cut (and re-cleared) all the way through, however, it is a very challenging trail at this point. The US Forest Service recommends that only experienced riders travel the trail.
There will likely be some changes made to the trail, per the original plan to make it more rideable this summer.
But the good news is that there is a trail to replace the historic Tilbury Trail.
Thank you to all the volunteers who worked on the trail this summer and fall and the latest volunteers who re-cleared it.
Thanks also to the US Forest Service for working so hard on the trail. ACMU looks forward to continuing that partnership.

For information on how you can help, contact Chuck Silence at 218-370-0378 or email

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